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Lamdre, The Path and Its Fruit
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The ancient beauty of Buddhism in the Tibetan culture spilling out into the world shares something important in common with the new science of user centered design – a recursive process leading to the benefit of others. This ongoing photographic exhibit documents a more than 1000 year-old Tibetan Buddhist 'Wong' or formal empowerment into highest yoga tantra religious practice.

Communicating about a vibrant and esoteric religious culture reveals increasingly deep levels of understanding, yet this information becomes easier to approach and understand with design iterations that interact with the viewer. Written and visual information create effective facets by interacting with end users in the planning and ongoing stages – using surveys, tagging-term matching, comments, discussions, structure, interactivity, use trends, pattern-detection, and incorporating changes.


UW iSchool Master of Information Management Capstone Poster MSIM